Binance and Mastercard to introduce cryptocurrency debit cards in Argentina

Citizens of Argentina will soon be able to get unique debit plastic cards with the ability to recharge them with cryptocurrencies. This initiative became a reality thanks to the joint work of cryptocurrency exchange Binance and Mastercard payment system.

Cards can be replenished with bitcoins, BNB, as well as other digital currencies. At the same time Argentinians will be able to freely pay for goods and services in any place where Mastercard cards are accepted. Already now, a cashback of up to 8% is promised for certain purchases. In addition, the use of cryptocurrencies will not deprive users of other standard functions of debit cards, such as cash withdrawals from stationary ATMs.

Argentina will be the first Latin American country whose citizens will receive such cards. To become its holder will be required to present a valid national identification card. Earlier a similar program was introduced in Ukraine.

Experts assert that Argentina was not accidentally chosen for realization of this initiative. It is there that the greatest interest in cryptocurrencies is recorded than anywhere else on the continent. According to Americas Market Intelligence, about 12% of Argentines use digital assets in everyday life.
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Winfred Collins