Monitoring twitter

New update.

Antibot in chat

In the Russian-speaking chat room Snipach, We added a visual captcha bot to protect against attacks by spammers, bots, and shillers.

Monitoring Twitter

Created a channel - with the current tweets of Elon Musk. In order to keep track of new posts from the comfort of your Telegram account. The update time is about 5 seconds from the moment the tweet is published.

We also created a channel - with current Elon Musk tweets and other brands that we will add or remove as we get hype and relevant.


Added auto-posting to Russian-language chat Snipach, tweeting a mask from the channel and of posts from the channel

Exchange rate

Added daily auto-posting of BNB and BTC rates to snipatch chat.
We also added /price command to monitor any altcoins. For example /price avax.

Feed on site

Removed all the news, updates, training, interviews, etc., in a separate section /feed.