Mett Fure

Mett Fure (METTFURE): A MATT FURIE HOMAGE meme coin inspired by the legendary dad of the greatest memes in history! 🚀

Step into the wild and wacky world of Mett Fure (METTFURE), the meme coin that's taking the crypto universe by storm! Inspired by the legendary Matt Furie, creator of Pepe the Frog and a whole galaxy of iconic characters, METTFURE is the ultimate tribute to internet culture. Matt Furie's legacy extends beyond his iconic character, as he uses his art to entertain and inspire, fighting hate and promoting positivity.

As a Community Takeover (CTO) token, Mett Fure (METTFURE) is not just another meme coin — it's a revolution led by the community, for the community.
Marktkapitalisierung $ 108,846
Liquidität $ 21,000
% der MCap
Preis $ 0.00010897528101 9.45%
Datum der Einführung 2024-05-04