General conditions

1. Only jpg / gif / png / webp format is accepted.
2. The maximum size is 1 MB.
3. We don't give refunds if you're not satisfied with the advertising results.
4. If the project appears to be a scam, ads are immediately removed without refunds.
5. Only bnb is accepted as a payment.

How to order

1. Provide a link to the advertised project.
2. Upload your banner to
3. Tell us which ad format you want.
4. Send us a link to the token and a link to the banner.
5. Negotiate a posting date and make payment.
Small banner on top
330x132 - 0.2 BNB per day
Large banner on top
660x132 - 0.3 BNB per day
Small banner at the bottom
330x132 - 0.15 BNB per day
Large banner at the bottom
660x132 - 0.25 BNB per day
Pinning Token / Airdrop / Whitelist
in a special advertising block
0.1 BNB per day
Advertising in the telegram channel and twitter
0.2 - 0.6 BNB

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