What is the project about?
A telegram bot where you can manually buy and snipe tokens on Ethereum (more chains coming soon). We offer the fastest set-up, simple and no-nonsense UX combined with bribing to ensure our users can be the first in line for new token launches.

What makes your project unique?
We are an upcoming and fast-growing sniper bot on Ethereum with unique tokenomics fueled by our bot.

History of your project.
Our bot ran for 3 months generating a steady revenue, now our token will be deployed on main net

What’s next for your project?
Multichain, webapp, more features are in the pipeline. Obviously we will also listen to feedback of our users.

What can your token be used for?
Fueling the Banana ecosystem
Market Cap $ 563,812,487
Liquidity $ 11,904,689
% of MCap
Price $ 63.463494731842 3.8%
Launch Date 2023-09-15