Welcome to the «Ring».

Become a part of the exciting blockchain-game.

We developed mechanics which are perfectly suited for beginners thanks to their intuitive design and it’s enthralling plot.

The uniqueness of every NFT character in the world of the «Ring» is portrayed through an individual style, appearance, interactions and unique abilities.

Every hero has a number of advantages and and disadvantages, including, luck stat, speed of earning, the ability to win a large prize or to expose themself to risk, as well as many other characteristics which determine their playable experience.

Think about your goals and strategies when selecting your character. Decide what is most important to you: fast, quick actions, or safety and stability?

Join with your friends in order to increase your collective income and reach the height of success together.
Market Cap $ 588,420
Liquidity $ 123,450
% of MCap
Price $ 0.00588928627434 8.17%
Launch Date 2024-06-03