We will tell the tale of FlokiFork and how he and his Pink Vikings community conquered all challenges before them. The Pink Viking dog FlokiFork has faced perilous storms of TAXED TOKENS, FUD, rugs, $PORKs and attacks of those who want to discredit him. But he stands victorious.

This Pink Viking dog FlokiFork — Elon Musk’s very own Pink Shiba Inu — and his Pink Viking crew faced challenges ever since they set sail. The FIRST challenge they faced was the taxed token $FLOKI designed by a rogue developer who had snuck onto the project, and on Fork’s ship and wanted to TAX a TOKEN, no real MEMETOKEN is taxed. This traitorous developer designed a slow-rug with tax, but The Pink Viking warrior FlokiFork resisted and said NO TO TAXES! FlokiFork's loyal community — the Pink Fork Vikings — protected Fork from the traitor developer. They cast him away from the project and took control - NO MORE TAXED TOKENS YELLED THE PINK VIKING ARMY!!’
Market Cap $ 9,810,747
Liquidity $ 470,491
% of MCap
Price $ 0.00000097912596 26.45%
Launch Date 2024-02-03